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Azami’s dictator-like nature is finally revealed to the rest of Totsuki, as he claims everyone’s cooking will fall in line with his (and his elite organization Central’s) teachings. Or else, expulsion. All individuality is to be removed from dishes in order to create tried and true gourmet crafted by the truly gifted. Azami sees this as a way to allow even the most mediocre chefs to create gourmet dishes, but everyone else views it as a slap to their pride as chefs.

Part of the new administration requires the disbandment of all research societies, as Central will be making the decisions of which dishes shall be prepared. This directly impacts characters such as Megumi, Ikumi, Akira, Marui, and Terunori. Polar Star Dormitory, being a self-sufficient blight also comes under purge. Though, it being independent, as Fumio claimed way back in the series’ early days, it begs the question as to how Totsuki actually has authority over it. Still, it’s not as if our heroes are going to take this sitting down. Organizations across the board are challenging the decision by requesting shokugeki battles.

Eizan is the bearer of bad news for Polar Star, and hearing Soma’s intention to challenge him, he decides to show his cards first. He reveals he’s under no obligation to accept the shokugeki challenges, but to be generous, he’s decided to accept all of them that have come his way. From his manipulation of Takumi and Subaru during the Autumn Elections, it’s obvious Eizan has some trick up his sleeve, and that trick comes to light during the first broadcasted shokugeki against Skewer Research Society. A victory is declared for Eizan despite the judges not even having tasted the dishes. Eizan has bribed the judges, and with Central backing him, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Anyone except Soma Yukihira, that is.

Undeterred, and ignited by his friend’s fond memories of the dormitory, he still challenges Eizan to a shokugeki to save Polar Star, knowing full well the judges won’t vote in his favor regardless of the quality of his cooking. Soma knows that Eizan’s goal was to dampen everyone’s spirits so that they would retract their challenges and accept Central’s rule. Soma probably is still challenging Eizan out of stubbornness and a desire to protect a place that is important to him and his friends , but he has to subconsciously know that his challenge will be the deciding factor regarding if the research societies have any hope at all. After Skewer RS’s defeat, all hope is gone, so everything rides on Soma.

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Food Wars! The Third Plate - Episode 7









  • Emotional chords work well
  • Entertaining despite being over the top
  • Some nice music choices


  • Begs the question of why shokugeki matches have not been rigged before
  • Central for some reason still allows shokugeki matches
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