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[Review] Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Unless you’ve lived underneath a rock for the past five or so years, you probably have heard of Teen Titans Go!, the comedic spinoff to the Teen Titans animated series of the mid-2000’s. And if you’ve spent even a second on Facebook or online forums that discuss modern animation, you’re also probably aware of the rampant hate directed at the spinoff. The general criticism is that Go! ignores its characters’ depth from the original series and instead paints them as morons who spend more time goofing off than saving the world. In truth, that’s more or less the point of the series, so it’s not like this is any sort of revelation. While the new show is a hit with children, fans of the original series simply were disheartened to see the mature characters they loved turned into unrecognizable chibis and thrown into a series that relies heavily on potty humor and lunacy. After watching Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (To the Movies), I can safely say that those concerns . . . read more