[Site News] Greetings

Welcome, everyone.

I am DaCrowz, founder and administrator of Cards on the Table. This website exists in order for myself and a few other media critic friends to share our thoughts and opinions on content such as anime, manga, comics, movies, and television series. We understand that media can be good and enjoyable simply by virtue of being entertaining. However, we also understand that just because something is entertaining does not necessarily equate to it being well-constructed, inventive, or engrossing. Our goal is to break down and analyze media to not only help more selective consumers choose their entertainment but to also view media from a critical standpoint and gauge the effectiveness of the creators’ creative decisions.

     On this website, we will provide media reviews, discussions, and sometimes news. In addition, we will also discuss our favorite children’s card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!. Cards on the Table is designed as a central hub for us to share our specialized knowledge with a wider audience. Are we always correct in our opinions? Absolutely not, and we encourage further (civil) discussion in the comment sections of our articles. Our posts are merely the thoughts of possibly pretentious media lovers. We hope our opinions will help provide information to the public and act as catalysts for further in-depth discussions on the world’s entertainment options.

     I hope you will find some benefit from our website as we continue to grow and further develop our own identity in the realm of media reviewers.

Best regards and happy viewing,

Avery, AKA DaCrowz

Founder of Cards on the Table, DaCrowz continues to profess that his opinions on manga, movies, and shows are somehow in good taste despite the fact that he would likely give an "A" rating to the Prison School anime. When he is not being mistaken for Nicholas Hoult in public, he puts most of his energy into convincing the Yu-Gi-Oh! community that Volcanic Scattershot is staple for any deck.