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So. I actually just forgot to write a review for this episode last week. Oops. So this will be rather quick.

Staring defeat in the face at the hands of Dr. Genome, Go realizes he must yet again transcend his limits. Which involves doing another 180 and ridding himself of his dark persona. He is now a reborn Go Onizuka. (So basically Neo New Sawatari?) Playmaker arrives and baits Go, taunting him by telling him he just wants to witness him lose. Which is an obvious lie, and the fact that Go still gets riled up from it is somewhat annoying. Still, it’s enough to motivate Go to draw the super special awesome card he needs to defeat Dr. Genome and win.

Afterwards, Go vows to join Playmaker in the fight against Hanoi, and he also calls out Blue Angel, watching from the shadows. Pressured by her brother to stay out of the fray, Blue Angel is not quite ready to join them yet. But as Go and Playmaker continue to valiantly fight, it’s only a matter of time before Blue Angel returns, surely. While she remains absent, though, other duelists are becoming inspired by Playmaker and Go and try to join the fight, only to either be wrecked or sent home. It’s still nice to see public reactions to what is going on, though I do wish a couple of random duelists would win against Hanoi, especially considering most of Hanoi is just fodder.

Meanwhile, Kitamura finally launches his AI Duelists into Link Vrains to take care of Hanoi. While they are at first successful, the entire force is soon wiped out by Baira and Faust (who win in a stupidly short amount of time). I honestly was hoping for the AI Duelists to have some sort of lasting impact, but they’re just fodder. At least they weren’t totally forgotten about, though, so that’s something I suppose.

Now that the cast is solidfying, and characters like Naoki are itching to join the battle, it’s time forĀ VRAINS to really take its characters and place them in an all-out battle. While I’m sure there’s still some setup left to go, especially since Akira has yet to join the fight and poor Naoki and Kusanagi have yet to duel, the cast is really coming together.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 24









  • Go and Aoi finally coming into the main plot
  • Continues to Hanoi's show impact beyond the main cast
  • Aoi's conflict


  • Playmaker's bait is eyeroll inducing
  • AI Duelists getting wrecked is disappointing
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